Happy Holidays! [Support & Mod Info]

December 20, 2023

Happy Holidays, dear Farming Simulator friends! It's time for a break. While we apologize for the audacity to not upload mods for a few days, we can promise you an exciting new year ahead of us! Please note, that support is limited over the holidays, more info on that below. 

Listen to the SFX Edition of the video - headphones recommended!

Just like you, we'll be spending the time with family and friends, devouring a festive roast, watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Scrooged and other classics, and getting some additional sleep. Need inspiration on how to spend your holidays? We have some suggestions.

Send out some Farming Simulator eCards!

If you want to send your fellow farming friends some festive greetings over digital channels, download our new eCards! Our art department has, once again, painted some adorable new cards for you.

Limited Support until January 2nd!

Mails will not be answered during the holidays. Only requests regarding key activation will be processed by our support team. 

Only support requests regarding key activations will be processed - if using the official support contact form!

If you require help with your key activation, please use the Contact Form on our support page. Other requests will be held until the new year. Thank you for your understanding and your patience! 

What about Mods?

There will be no new mods tested and uploaded while our QA team is out enjoying their well-deserved vacation. They will be back well-rested to approve new mods in early January! Check the ModHub anyway and install some mods you have not given a try yet!

Exiting New Year Ahead!

In the meantime, there's a lot of cool Farming Simulator stuff to check out. How about this:

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