Farming Simulator Kids - Coming Soon!

10. November 2023

The Farming Simulator family of games is growing! Let us introduce the freshest & soon-to-be-born member: Farming Simulator Kids! Coming soon to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices in Spring 2024. Pre-orders will be available in the near future - stay tuned! 

What's Farming Simulator Kids?

Farming Simulator Kids is an easy-to-play game, suited for all ages, and introduces the growing generation to the colorful and fun world of farming and blooming nature. It educates and entertains them in a child-friendly and sheltered environment. Take a look at the highlights, below.

  • Child-Friendly Presentation
  • Character Creator with Colorful Styles
  • Multiple Locations to Explore
  • Healthy Crops to Plant & Harvest
  • Countless Items to Produce, Collect & Trade
  • Vehicles & Tools by John Deere
  • Loveable Characters and Animals to Meet
  • Lots of Activities like Farming, Gardening & More
  • Achievement System & Video Creator

Farming Fun For The Little Ones

With cute aesthetics, Farming Simulator Kids invites young players to live a cozy farm life. Children explore farm locations to grow and harvest healthy crops, or care for adorable farm animals like cows, chickens, or geese.

"We're thrilled beyond measure to introduce young children to farming in a playful and sheltered way,"

Thomas Frey, Creative Director at GIANTS Software

As big tractors and other vehicles are a must, kids can operate a variety of machines by renowned manufacturer John Deere.

"It is a pleasure for us to support such an appealing project, which introduces children to agriculture in a playful way and awakens their interest in food production"

Stefan Mügge, Manager Marketing Communication at John Deere


Learning the Value of Produce

Rich with mini-games from gardening to sandwich making, there is much more to do: Little farmers visit their own farmers’ market to get a feeling for the value of the fresh produce, trade items at a swap shop, create delicious food items and meet lovable characters to interact with.

First Impressions of Farming Simulator Kids

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